Lawrencetown Beach Sunset

Last Saturday I headed out to Lawrencetown Beach for sunset. It looked like the clouds were going to co-operate.

I ended up stopping just before Lawrencetown Beach as the sunset is in the other direction this time of year and worked my way up the cliffs there. This light happened just before sunset and I grabbed this shot with the “Jesus rays” as I was working on my composition for sunset. Luckily I did this as the final sunset was a bit of a bust. This was just down the field from Kannon Beach Surf Shop.

Lawrencetown Beach from Kannon Beach Surf Shop Cliffs

Rainbow Haven Beach

With a rain storm coming I decided to head out to Rainbow Haven Beach for sunrise. With a storm coming you always have the chance of a great sunrise/set. Or you might get nothing but clouds. This morning I got nothing but clouds. So, I went with it and tried for a gloomy feel.

Long Exposure at Rainbow Haven Beach

Small rock in sand at Rainbow Haven Beach