Weekend in Bathurst

We spent the weekend in Bathurst, NB for Thanksgiving this weekend.

Of course, I decided to try and find a waterfall that I had hear of but never made it to. Tetagouche Falls is a waterfall that is located just out Bathurst. Arriving I was a bit surprised that it was a real hike down to the river then a 8-10 ft climb assisted by a rope before you could see the actual falls. Definitely not for the faint of heart.

At the bottom I came across this contraption, if you know what it is, please leave a comment and let me know.

A bit of a climb up a 8-10 ft rock face with the help of a conveniently placed rope and I could finally see the falls and take the photo below. The sun came out at exactly the wrong time and made this a less then stellar shot. Most people don’t know this but the perfect weather for shooting waterfalls is a dark overcast day. It allows you to get the movement in the water without getting a completely white sky. But sometimes it’s better to get a photo that isn’t perfect then no photo at all. :-)

On the way back from Tetagouche falls we stopped at Bass River which is a river we have driven by multiple times and I always noticed the walking bridge but never got a chance to photograph. This time I was able to get down under the bridge of the road and snap this shot that really shows off the fall colors and the nice walking bridge.